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Facebook Ads

Posted by tomoconnor on March 1, 2011

If you are familiar with Facebook then you have seen the ads that pop up on the page. Mine are usually dating services. Meet Hot Russian Girls”  “Young Girls Looking For Mature Man” etc… etc…

Facebook gives you the opportunity to give them feedback on these ads and I always let them know that I find them “Offensive” -“Repetetive” or “Misleading”  They continue ; however, to keep popping up.

WTF !!

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Not Censoring My Posts

Posted by tomoconnor on July 6, 2008

It seems that is what I do here,  refer to title of post,  not that it is bad or anything. Often we bloggers find ourselves censoring our posts because we know who is reading it and we don’t want to offend anyone.

It might be your mom, your spouse or possibly the kids.

Here I don’t have that problem..I can say Fuck It and not worry. If it offends you, don’t read it !! As it stands I can only offend myself.

Recently I submitted this site to Blog Soldiers hoping that I might get into the rotation and find some readers out there in blog world.

If it happens that I get approved, just know in advance, there is no censorship here.  I’ll write about what I want to whether it’s my opinion of some money sucking politician or the asshole that didn’t stop when I was trying to cross the street tosay. If you want to comment in an off color or degrading way…go ahead. Be sure that there will be a response.

I don’t care if I piss someone off although I’d prefer to make them laugh.

Getting a reaction at all would be nice,  just don’t friggin WHINE !!

By the way George Bush is a total loser. Going to war in Iraq before finishing business in Afghanistan was stupid.

Talking about anything other than diplomacy in Iran is insane.

Trusting the US Government is something you should do at your own peril. The US is filled with good people with good intentions but very few of them are politicians.

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The day after

Posted by tomoconnor on July 1, 2008

No it this isn’t another post-apocalypse story. It’s more of a hangover story.

As I mentioned in the last post I headed out with my friend to the Lyceum Bar/Restaurant.

I actually happened to meet up with 2 very lovely ladies. They were both from Atlanta, one was visiting and the other had relocated here in Witch City. While I warned my new blond friend that I wasn’t a very good dancer..we danced into the evening. I smoked cig’s even though I quit almost 8 mos. aga, because it gave me time to be alone with such a lovely girl, While I am sure I was too old for her in the long run..It turned out they were both as nice as could be. We walked them home and then my friend drove me home.

Unfortunately the morning came and it was then I realized that I had consumed far too many sambuccas and beer.

I felt useless all day.

Wish I could meet and have fun with some lovely girls like that, outside of a pub!!

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Going Out, Cheating the Reaper

Posted by tomoconnor on June 27, 2008

After work tonight I stopped by the house and put the dog out and then went to a local Pub/Eatery called the Lazy Dog to have some early dinner and play some Keno.

A local couple sat next to me, in their 50’s like me, and they were talking to another patron. Name after name, family connection after family connection. They were ovviously from the same area and they knew the same people. It’s difficult for me to listen to this as I am an Air Force brat and never had a connection to a neighborhood like these guys did.

As I listened to their conversation I watched my Keno Tickets lose one after another. Not even close. If I played a 12 an 11 and 13 would come up. I didn’t win a fucking thing. Coupled with the background conversation I started to feel isolated. Alone in my despair I finished off my drink and called the bartender over and bummed a smoke off her. She had smiled, recognizing me from sitting at the bar a few other times. Her name is Sheila and she is a good looking 40 something, and while I enjoy the flicker of recognition in her eye I know she is married and unavailable. Her smile ,while friendly, is motivated more from the bar sales and tip side of things then the  “Let’s get to know each other better thing.”

Too Bad ! She gave me  asmoke, I quit months ago but cheat occasionally , and I went out and smoked it alone. I came back to the bar and and returned Sheila’s lighter,  payed my tab.

I lost at keno, smoked a butt and felt totally alone.

What to do!!??

I drove over to my friend Paul’s house, a guy I hadn’t hung with in over a year and just walked up to the door. He welcomed me, I told it it had been a long time and I asked him what he was doing tonight….

Well he’s going to be over about 8pm with his friend Fred and we are going to a Salem Bar called the Lyceum…

Maybe it will be fun!!

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Life/Death Part I of a continuing series

Posted by tomoconnor on June 26, 2008

I am drinking a Vermont Cider Jack and thinking about growing old and I don’t like the idea that much. It’s not that I want to off myself or anything like that. I just don’t look forward to aging.

Just before I started writing this I was watching a performance that the Rolling Stones did at the Isle of Wight festival last year. It’s amazing how they have aged and yet still perform their music so well. I guess it’s a combination of hard work, luck and of course money.

Money is everything when it comes to health, at least here in the USA. I had dinner with my parents tonight and before the waiter came I told them I was going to have a cocktail and asked if they were going to have one , I kinda knew the answer already but I asked anyway, My mom said,

” I’d love to join you but I can’t”

“Why?” I asked.

” I’m taking coumadin, it’s a blood thinner and so is alcohol ” she explained, “It’s a dangerous mix.”

“Well take less coumadin then. ” I replied.

She went on to show me some bruising under her arms. I guess another drawback to taking coumadin, other than the big one, no booze, is that you bruise easily as your blood is thinner.

I don’t want to give up on the good things, ice cream, sex, booze and just having fun.

I want to die fast, without having to make those choices. I want to enjoy myself while I am here because honestly I don’t really have the faith that I will be going to a better place. Besides if someone does have faith that they are going to a better place when they die , why do any of them worry about dying.

Shit, live hard, be kind, die….go to a better place. Seems like a good formula.

I don’t want to be setting up my pill box every week, staying away from fatty foods, abstinence is not part of my general make-up. I am not fat, but I could eat healthier…I say fuck it!!

I’m eating it, I’m drinking it, if you have it I’ll smoke it, if you share it I snort it. I am 50 years old. I’ve seen most of the rock bands I’ve ever wanted to. I’ve got three grown children, 3 grandchildren, I’ve had several fantasies come true, I’ve traveled all over the world, climbed many a mountain, loved many women and continue to enjoy sex every time I get a chance…If I died tonight, I’d say lived a full happy life.

I certainly don’t want to slowly wean myself off everything I like to stretch my life out, that’s not me.

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Writing frustration !

Posted by tomoconnor on June 25, 2008

I just cannot find my voice. Put down the words on paper, on the blog anywhere.  If you asked anyone that knows  me if I am the quiet type, they would laugh. If anything I am described  as someone who talks too much. I tell stories, make up stories, tell jokes and flirt a lot…I am a talker, I admit it.

What I’d like to be is a writer, but I haven’t been able to get that dream off the ground..I think it is because talking is easy, but writing takes work, lonely work. I like the social aspects of conversation, the give and take, but when I write I don’t get that.  I find myself alone, unable to put anything down, constantly editing and just plain frustrated.

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When I die, PLease don’t be like this!!

Posted by tomoconnor on June 15, 2008

My Brother-In-Law’s father died just over a year ago. His family is of Italian ancestry, but both his mother and father were born here in the U.S.

When his father passed he was 83 years old. In his later years he wanted to travel and despite suffering with congestive heart problems, walking around with a pacemaker inside him, diabetes and all the related problems that come with that disease, his father was always smiling when I saw him.

He did travel, even road on a camel on a trip to the Middle East maybe a year before he died. He went on Cruises, Disney World, Italy…he ignored many of the dietary restrictions that come along with diabetes.  A little less than a year before he died, he almost died from congestive heart failure. The Doctors were able to get him better and out of the hospital, but he knew he was on his last legs, but he took what he could get.  He lived,  living  one day at a time. He had as much fun as he could and I never saw him complain.

His wife is a religious woman, goes to church every day. His son, my brother-in-law, also goes to church regularly on Sunday. If I remember correctly the Catholic church tells us that when we die…we go to heaven. If that is true I am sure his dad is happy, but not the Wife, not the Son. They feel left behind, fated to go on in the shadow of their loss.

If they have such faith, if they believe so strongly in the church…What the fuck is going on with them??

They have been to a psychic for fucks sake, not once, but at least three times. His mother, surrounded by her 5 children and 5 grandchildren feels her life ended when her husband died.   In many ways my brother in law is the same.

There can be no joy now that dad is gone.

WTF !!

I can tell you for sure that Dad didn’t live his life like that and I am sure he wouldn’t want his wife and kids doing it.

I understand loss,  I am 50, I have experienced the passing of many friends and family. My girlfriend died in 2003 at the age of 37 years, it was hard for me.  I still miss her, but I try to remember the joy she brought to the world. Is she in heaven ? I put her there..I see her in flowers, butterflies I remember songs she loved and listen to them with her on my mind, in my heart. But I continue to live and to enjoy what I am given in life.

Please, when I die I hope that my family and friends have a party and have a good time. It’s ok to remember me, to be sad sometimes, but life is too short sometimes and I don’t want my kids, my grandkids, any of my family or friends to be maudlin over my death…We all die !!

At least I got to see Led Zeppelin as an original group, I saw the Celtics win a Championship and The Red Sox win the Series, I walked my daughter down the aisle, saw my kids grow up and felt proud to see how awesome they are…my life has been wild and crazy, good sometimes and bad others, I got no complaints!

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I’m Working, sorta, and a little info about me

Posted by tomoconnor on May 24, 2008

Really I am just sitting here writing, although I just this second gotta call from da boss…She’s going to be coming in too. Unusual for me to be here but I am just babysitting a couple of guys in to do some cleaning of a couple exam rooms.

Everything was great until I heard da boss is coming…DAMN. She will find things for me to do when I was seeing this as an opportunity to just catch up on the ol Blog.

I  really think I bombed on the last post, just couldn’t get that list going and now that I read it anew I can understand how no one commented on it. Thing is I get very few comments on this blog and as a result feel somewhat ignored…

I need to let you all know who I am!!

Really I understand that I am simply adrift in a vast ocean of blogs. Having decided not to associate this blog with any “Blogger” groups like Blog Catalog, Blog Explosion, Blog Soldiers, or blog blog blog…I just want to be found, discovered and enjoyed..

Let me tell you all about myself.

I love the USA but I hate the government, particularly the IRS.

I like Scrapple and Hominy

I don’t like calves liver but I love Chicken Livers wrapped in bacon

I’m a Boston Sports Fanatic

I like IPA’s, Jack Daniels, Vodka Martinis and Sambuca

I don’t like ads on blogs

I hate Chain Mail

I’m Agnostic and was raised a Catholic

I’ve been divorced twice and am now single

Would be happy being a kept man for a wealthy attractive woman who requires a good cook, frequent sex and someone to do the dishes

I like wearing Jeans, t-shirts, shorts and rarely want to get all gussied up

I wash, fold and put away my own laundry.

I make my own manicotti shells…and they are delicious

Now I must return to work…more about me later.



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Writing to Vent

Posted by tomoconnor on May 13, 2008

10 things I am sick of.

10. Local, National’s all so canned and less news then just  entertainment .

09. Religion, it’s just another thing that divides people into separate groups, it’s un proven to boot! And gives those in charge power over their followers.

08. Lawyers…

07. Politicians, they are like religious leaders but instead of seeking a higher power they are just scrambling around trying to get more power for themselves..Many of them are also lawyers..See #8

06. SPAM

05. Taxes

06. War

05. Bad Luck

04. Complicated Women/People

03. People who only think of themselves!

02. The Oil Industry

01. Lazy People

Well that’s 10 things and they aren’t in order. I could have typed Taxes 10 times…I feel better now.

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How did I get here??

Posted by tomoconnor on April 30, 2008

I love that Talking Heads song. “Once In a Lifetime”

it goes…

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful
And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here?

And I ask you, How did you get here??...I know it wasn’t an ad!! I’m not selling anything here!!

Was it:

Did I end up in one of your search results??

If so tell me please what you were looking for.

Were you following a link from somewhere?..Please let me know and I’ll link back to them !!

However you found this lowly spot on the net, let me know with a comment…

One thing I neglected to mention to past and future comment makers!!

I always follow the link back to those who comment here…

I read through your blog/web page and if it isn’t dominated by a plethora of ads or by some wonderful coincedence it is totally free of ads I will also put you on my blogroll..

Still working on my content here and how to choose what will go on this blog…Maybe it will just end up being the foremost NO Ad Referral blog in existence???..I don’t know.

I don’t want to set my sights too high (-:

One thing I do know is I won’t be a part of any social networking place like Blog Catalog, Blog Explosion, Blog Soldiers, where you end up having to spend so much time there you don’t get anything done on the blog/web site you want everyone to see!!

One thing is for certain, comment here and I’ll be on you like a madman!!

I won’t just stalk I’ll grace your blog with pearls of wisdom…

I won’t self promote on your blog comments about my blog, I’ll simply comment on the content you have there!

With a little reciprocity, we will be at each others blogs all the time. If everyone followed up the comments they receive on their blogs we wouldn’t need these silly Blog Traffic Sites.

You want traffic that doesn’t include me wanting to buy something from you…leave me a comment and you WILL be hearing from me!!

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